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MyPatience.net web site is used only for fun and is in no way connected with gambling.

To play any solitaire game user doesn't have to be registered and logged in. However, registering on MyPatience, you are given the following benefits:

  • Recording the statistics and scoring, so you may record your scores and progress, as well as compete and compare with other members.

  • Commenting the games, so you may communicate with other members.

  • Favorites. Add your favorite games and with a click they are easilly available.


MyPatience web site does not require any plug-ins necessary for playing solitaire. Every game is made through HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

However, there are some restrictions and technical prerequisites.

  • MyPatience.net web site works in all leading browsers of new generation. The site has been tested in:

    • Internet Explorer 6
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Mozilla Firefox 2
    • Opera 9.2
    • Safari 3 for MS Windows

    Of course, that doesn't mean the site will not work in other browsers or older versions of browsers listed above. We would appreciate any information about other browsers which you may send us via Contact Page.

  • Javascript in a browser must be turned on.

  • CSS in a browser must be turned on.

  • Minimal reccomended screen resolution is 1024*768 pixels. Optimal screen resolution is 1280*1024 pixels. If the game is too wide, so horizontal scrollbar appears, try switching the browser in full-screen mode (usually by pressing F11).

How to Play

Every game has its rules which you may see at any time. Rules can be opened in new browser window or tab, so the game wouldn't be interrupted. Most freequently used terms are explained in Glossary.

In case you accidentaly click on some link while the current game is in progress, in most browsers you will see the confirmation dialog box:

Confirmation dialog

However, Opera browser will not show the dialog box since it does not allow to cancel the navigation programatically. Opera users have to watch out not to interrupt the game by clicking the link accidentally.

To play a card, click on it, drag it to the desired place and drop it. If game rules allow moving several cards in a group, click on the first card in that group. If game rules do not allow moving the card you've clicked, nothing will happen. If you drop the card to an inadequate place (the place that game rules do not allow to drop the selected card(s) on), it will be returned to its original place.

Alternatively, you may play the card by not using drag&drop method. By clicking the card, it will be selected. Selected card or group of cards can be moved to another pile by clicking anywhere on the pile you want to move the card(s) to. If you click on an inadequate pile, the selection of the card will be canceled.

Selection of card(s) is canceled when you click on an inadequate place (a place that the game rules do not allow to drop selected card(s) on).

In most games double clicking a card will move the card to adequate foundation pile, if allowed.

When a card is partially hidden by other cards, you can have a better look at it by clicking it while holding the Shift key.

Scoring system

Every game has a coefficient which is proportional to its level of difficulty. Information about the game coefficient is available inside the Game Drawer section.

The scoring system is simple. If you win a game (i.e. achieve the object described in the game rules) the system will recognize the win and your scoring will be increased by the game coefficient.

The overall rating is calculated as a sum of rating by each game.

To update the statistics you must be connected to Internet.

Technical informations

Site design made by Marko DugonjiƦ.

Site is hosted at Plus hosting.

Site is developed in ASP.NET technology and uses SQL Server 2005 Express database.


Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

Drag&Drop is implemented using the YUI Library.

Ajax functionality is handled by Matt Kruse's Ajax Toolbox.

TinyMCE Editor is used for writing comments.

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