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To play any solitaire game you don't have to be registered and logged in. However, registering on MyPatience, you are given the following benefits:

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So, if you would like to track your statistics, feel free to register so you may compare yourself to other players.

MyPatience web site does not require any plug-ins necessary for playing solitaire. Every game is made through HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Recommended games for novice users
Game Difficulty Win chance
Klondike Easy 40.00%
Batsford Medium 5.00%
Lucas Easy 100.00%
MyChameleon Easy 40.00%
Goldfield Medium 30.00%
Pyramid Easy 25.00%
Top 5 players in this month
Player Rating
OZZIE456 100.000
very 60.000
GailR 20.000
bjelo 14.000
coachdadjc 12.500
Top 5 players by overall rating
Player Rating
OZZIE456 77100.000
very 39038.000
Vera 27496.000
gailR 13811.000
bud close 13548.000
Top 5 popular games by number of being played
Game #
Russian Solitaire 222185
Free Cell 77160
Klondike 38786
Chameleon 36592
Pyramid 35205
Top 5 hardest games by percentage of winning
Game %
Chameleon .33%
Aces and Kings 1.97%
Russian Solitaire 2.8%
Maria 2.92%
Spiderette 3.32%
Top 5 favorite games by number in user's favorites
Game #
Russian Solitaire 21
Klondike 20
Free Cell 19
Batsford 14
Pyramid 13
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